For more than 25 years, we have been using the power of mathematics to construct portfolios, which, over time, have the potential to outperform their benchmarks, with less relative risk.

Using Volatility as a Source of Reward
At INTECH, we approach stock-market volatility as the fuel to generate returns greater than the benchmark with similar or lower risk or market-like returns with significantly less risk than a cap-weighted index.

Protecting Your Portfolios
Risk management is a key to generating alpha. The risk controls embedded in INTECH's process have helped to protect the portfolios on the downside through many different market cycles.

Providing Value to You
We offer a consistent and repeatable risk-managed investment process, which, over time, has the potential to generate alpha.

Global Enhanced Index

Inception Date: available

The portfolio's objective is to outperform the MSCI World Index over the full market cycle,
with an expected tracking error of 1.25-1.50%.*

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Performance Summary

*Annualized long term, gross of fees. The expected tracking error is based on mathematical projections that are reflective of what the strategy attempts to achieve during the optimization process. Actual results may vary, and the expected tracking error should not be considered or relied upon as a performance guarantee.

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